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LED Lamp Strip Manufacturer Creates Visual Sense of Light and Darkness Level and Virtual and Real Contrast

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Space is the essence of architecture, and "light" is the soul of space.
Light Washing
Light wash wall led lamp belt
Nowadays many designers are in interior design.
The concept of "light belt" will be introduced to light up the space.
While enriching the spatial context,
It also creates a visual sense of contrast between light and shade.
But many owners may be confused.——
"Why design the lamp belt?"
"Will you use it every day?
To increase cost, light pollution and maintenance tasks
"Image Engineering" at the Cost
Really not chicken ribs?
But most people probably don't know.
Who was the first advocate of lamp band design?
And what is the purpose of this design?
The concept of "light washing"
It's Richard Kelly and Philip Johnson.
These two masters created,
That is to say, a group of floodlights is composed of several hidden light sources.
Illuminate the wall evenly.
They were first in the Siegram Tower.
A milestone concept in lighting design is proposed.——
Tower of light,
Let the hidden light source penetrate the rough porous limestone material.
Presents a clean and elegant but not stereotyped visual effect.
Since then, the form of "light wash wall" has been
Designers are widely used and still used today.
By means of a light band hidden in a ceiling, wall or floor,
To clearly show the outline of space.
In the minimalist form of space,
The lamp belt gives it a breathtaking level of beauty.
It makes the bright space brighter.
It has the magic of guiding vision.
Add light source inside the cabinet.
It weakens the sense of enclosure of space.
The ingenious combination of the lamp belt and the floor frame,
Fully rendered the delicate and fashionable indoor atmosphere.
The light band in the partition,
Let the static display be full of changes in light and shadow.
Produce the illusion of spatial expansion.
Now the concept of "light wash wall"
Designers have applied it to a pure fire.
But the truth may be little known.
So let's explore the father of modern lighting design.
Richard Kelly's philosophy of light,
See how he uses Light's weapon.
Create infinite daydream space for us.
Three Principles of Utilization of Light
1.Focal Glow
LED lamp with focus
2. Ambient Luminescence
LED lamp belt environmental luminescence
3. Sparkling of Brilliants
LED lamp with shining brilliance
This is Richard Kelly.
Lighting Design of Four Seasons Restaurant in Sigram Building
There is no main lamp in the spacious and bright space.
The inlaid light sources are just gathered together.
Reflections and mottled shadows through the pool
It forms a dazzling light spot.
He thoroughly and vividly interprets his aesthetics of using light.
Focal Glow
Focus luminescence
Focus illumination needs to highlight the key parts of illumination and attract the viewer's visual focus instantly. Such as: the center of the stage, the commodity exhibition area for sale, the corridor of the hotel, the safe exit...
The lamp strap installed under the staircase armrest,
It effectively solves the lighting problem of stairwell in darkness.
Ambient Luminescence
Environmental luminescence
The concept of environmental luminescence is abstract. It means that the environment does not emit light directly, but generates a kind of "shadow-free lighting" by rendering different forms of light effect. It's like the morning light after the snow, the sky dyed red by the setting sun...
Sparkling of Brilliants
Shining bright
The sparkling brilliance has dynamic aesthetic feeling, which brings more shock vitality to the space. It is like a beam of light through the window into the space, so that the indoor space in the hazy light and shadow produced floating effect.
Most designers abide by it.
On the premise of these three principles of exhaustion,
The pursuit of the purity and abstraction of light has been completed.
Bring unparalleled beautiful scenery to the interior.
So Richard Kelly's "Cleaning the Wall"
Perhaps it will radically change people's understanding of architectural space.
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