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Explain the Installation Method of LED Lamp Belt

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1. Four-wire LED lamp belt has four wires, three-row lamp (note not four-row lamp Oh ~ -), each row of 1 m 24 lamp, 24 * 3 = 72. Because the power of each lamp bead is 0.05W, the power of 72-bead LED lamp band is 72 0.05 = 3.6W.

2. The bandwidth of four-wire LED lamp is about 22 m m, its thickness is about 8 m m, and its component is about 0.25 kg/m (4 m/kg). Each LED lamp belt must be equipped with a special plug (plug with transformer). When connecting, it is necessary to remove the clear plastic cover plate and cover it after connecting the test lamp. Cut not directly with cover connection, so easy short circuit!
3. There is a sign of "hinged shear" in every meter. It can only be cut in the sign. The wrong shear or deviation of the mark will cause one meter not bright. Some will be biased because of the marking, good thing is to carefully look at the position of the marking before cutting, according to the center does not join the local cut can be. If you look carefully, you can see it. Technical Support: Guangzhou Qianbo Network, Website Construction Company.
4. When the LED lamp belt device is installed, it is usually placed in the lamp trough, which can be straightened, or fixed with a thin rope or wire. If you need external or vertical installation, you need to buy clips and tail plugs separately. The original clip is clear, but it is good to put waterproof glass glue on the tail plug and plug after the device is finished, so that the waterproof function is better.
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