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LED lamp strip to create a new home with high facial value

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Nowadays, in home decoration, many designers will use the lamp belt to add to the overall shape. The ribbon is welded on the copper wire with the LED lamp and special technology, and then connected to the power supply, because the shape of the ribbon is called the ribbon. The lamp belt makes the home look more romantic, so how to use the lamp belt to give the space the level of beauty? Next, Xiaobian brings you some very beautiful effects of the lamp belt. Learn to decorate your new home as soon as possible.
LED Lamp Strip Effect Chart-Top Lamp Strip
Installation of lamp belt in ceiling is a very popular decoration method in modern home decoration. It can quickly increase the level sense of ceiling and create the effect of combination of motion and static through contrast between light and dark. Does this ceiling look more fashionable with a light belt?

LED Lamp Strip Effect Chart-Cabinet Lamp Strip
The cabinet is often darker and does not seem to have a three-dimensional feel. Installing a light belt in the cabinet can quickly dilute the sense of closure and violation of the space. When you open the cabinet, you no longer feel that the darkness inside the cabinet affects your vision, and your heart feels very warm instantly.
LED Lamp Strip Effect Chart-Kitchen Lamp Strip
Many families did not expect to install lamp belts in the kitchen cabinet. In fact, the design of lamp belts in this area is very reasonable. Lights make the cooks cut vegetables and get seasonings more quickly and accurately, and small lamp belts help cooks to make more delicious food.
LED Lamp Strip Effect Map-Wall Lamp Strip
The living room, bedroom, porch, staircase, corridor and other walls, together with the design of lamp belts, have a good integration of space design, which can render the elegant and restrained temperament of home.
LED Lamp Strip Effect Map-Bathroom Lamp Strip
The mirror in the bathroom has a hidden light band, or outlines some interesting geometric figures, which highlights young people's personality and style. And most importantly, the mirror itself has become more beautiful, oh, with the perfect effect of self-timer lighting.
LED Lamp Strip Effect Map - Ground Lamp Strip
Walking around the lamp belt on the ground can make the area look more hierarchical and create a soft and hazy effect for the living room. Does life become more emotional?
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