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To become a member of the China Association of performing arts and equipment technology

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In June 20, 2017, Shenzhen Guang PDA science and Technology Co., Ltd. formally joined the Chinese Performing Arts and Technology Association, and became a member of the unit. The company's technical strength and comprehensive strength have been on a step, which is recognized by the colleagues of the industry.
China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association is the most authoritative Technology Association in the industry. The Chinese Performing Arts and Technology Association was established in 1991. It is a national level social organization, in charge of the People's Republic of China Ministry of culture and the legal person of a social group. It is an authoritative representative organization in the Chinese Performing Arts and equipment industry, leading to the coordination of the development of the economic and technological development of the National Performing Arts and equipment industry; the national Ministry of civil affairs. China's social organization evaluation level, I won the highest level of Association - "5A" grade national industry association honor.
The Chinese Performing Arts and Technology Association has more than 1300 members (as of March 2011), all over the country, all over the country, all of which are engaged in scientific research, production, distribution and Engineering in the performing arts and equipment industry. It has brought together a large number of professional sound, professional lighting, stage machinery, Chinese and Western instruments, audio and video, and stadiums and equipment. Enterprises, with more than 140 individual members, are professors, experts, well-known personages and senior engineering technicians from all levels of cultural units, art colleges, performance groups, scientific research institutions and key enterprises.
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